Adele Taylor in Rub-A-Dubbin’

Adele Taylor in Rub-A-Dubbin’

Runner-up in the Model of the Month October 2014 election, British model Adele Taylor is inviting you in the tub for her third Playboy set. “This was the last set I shot with Joby Rawlins,” says Adele. “It was the end of the day, and on a whim, we decided to shoot in the bath. It was so fun and spontaneous.” Playing with her soaked pink panties and white top, Adele Taylorreveals you her wet nude…

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Samantha Taylor in Fountain of Lust

Samantha Taylor in Fountain of Lust

With deep blue eyes and a gorgeous body, australian model Samantha Taylor is back showing her nude curves for Playboy. “This shoot was a little more moody, and very, very sexy,” says Samantha. “We shot in the entrance to our villa in Bali. The place was gorgeous – I loved the pond and fountain – but my favorite part was the bold, red lipstick – so sensual!” Stripping her white bra, Samantha Taylor

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Jessi Marie in Midday Dip

Jessi Marie in Midday Dip

For her second set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn, busty blonde cybergirl Jessi Marie is inviting you to have a nude bath with her. “We decided to shoot this set in the bathtub,” says Jessi. “I got to wear this gorgeous one-piece, and I think I gave a very seductive performance.” Stripping her lacy bodysuit to reveal her awesome boobs, Jessi Marieis then soaking her rounded nude curves in…

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Gia Marie Playmate of the Month November 2014

Gia Marie Playmate of the Month November 2014

Stylist and makeup artist from Malibu, Gia Marie Barsocchini is the Playmate of the Month November 2014. In a retro style and with photographer Josh Ryan, the flaming redhead model shot her first pictorial in the legendary Sheats-Goldstein residence. “I never wanted to leave,” says Gia. “That house is so iconic, and I felt so hot and sexy there.” Stripping a vintage white lingerie, Gia Marierevea…

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Mandy Kay in Cute Curves

Mandy Kay in Cute Curves

For her second Cybergirl of the Month October 2014 pictorial, Mandy Kay is inviting you in the bedroom. “We shot this set on a nice, white bed,” she says. “Pure and innocent, but really sexy, too. I loved the purple lingerie – purple is my absolute favorite color!” Stripping her bra and panties, Mandy Kayslowly shows you her natural nude curves. “I may look innocent, but I love to tell dirty…

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Leola Bell in Break You Off

Leola Bell in Break You Off

Four months after he previous pictorial, Playmate of the Month February 2012 Leola Bell is back showing her nude curves in front of photographer Joel Alvarez camera. As her dad was a minister, Leolawas raised with a lot of rules. “I wasn’t even allowed to wear tank tops because they showed too much skin,” she says. “I want to be as sexy as possible!” Years after, stripping a sparkling pink…

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Alissa Arden nude In The Zone

Alissa Arden nude In The Zone

For her third Playboy set, blonde cybergirl Alissa Arden invites you in the zone. Teasing you with a silver bodysuit and high heels, the all natural model is revealing you step by step her sexy nude body. “I can be demure, but I can be wild, too,” says Alissa. “I love my body, so posing nude comes very naturally to me.” Don’t forget to watch her teasing video cause despite a girl next door look,

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Chanel Elle, Model of the Month October 2014

Chanel Elle, Model of the Month October 2014

You elect Chanel Elle as your Model of the Month October 2014 (click here to access the full results). To celebrate her title, here is a new gallery from her second Playboy pictorial where the tall blonde beauty is teasing you with a sexy black dress and high heels. But don’t worry, Chanel Ellewon’t be long to drop her dress to reveal your her natural nude body. Concerning men, “I’m attracted to…

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Candace Leilani in After Shower

Candace Leilani in After Shower

Wearing nothing but a towel, brunette model Candace Leilani is inviting you in her badroom after shower. “I only started modeling a few years ago,” she says. “I’m not ashamed to show off my body!” Sliding down her towel, Candace Leilanistarts rubbing her lotion on her boobs. Then the lovely brunette completely removes the towel to show you her nude body on bed. “One of the craziest places I’ve…

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Hannah Claydon in Sultry Lady

Hannah Claydon in Sultry Lady

For her third Playboy pictorial, British model Hannah Claydon is waiting for you in the sitting room. First stripping a pink and black satin bra to show you her awesome boobs, Hannah Claydon then drops down her panties to finish completely nude in garters and stockings. “In bed, it’s not about how big you are,” advices Hannah. “It’s more to do with how you use it. It’s important that you’re…

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