Barbra Lee sexy in Fishnet Lingerie

Barbra Lee sexy in Fishnet Lingerie

After her first Amateur pictorial, blonde model Barbra Lee has been graduated to Cybergirl. In full-length body stocking and sparkling heels, the blue eyes babe is teasing you with her natural curves. “Right now, I’m single, but I like to be in a relationship,” she says. “Let’s just say I’m a very affectionate partner.” How could you resist Barbra Lee sexy beauty?

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Elizabeth Marxs & Ali Rose in Rev Her Engine

Elizabeth Marxs & Ali Rose in Rev Her Engine

Cybergirl of the Year 2014, Elizabeth Marxs is back with her busty friend Ali Rose. Rather than working hard on a hot red Mustang, the two gorgeous cybergirls prefer to work on each other’s hot bodies. “For this look, we wore matching overalls,” says Ali. “Haven’t worn these since the 90’s, but I have to say, they were pretty sexy!” Elizabethagrees. “Yeah, those were really hot,” she says. “I…

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Cosmo bikini in Sunset Cruising

Cosmo bikini in Sunset Cruising

For her third Playboy pictorial, Hungarian model Cosmo is stripping a skimpy bikini out on the deck of her sailboat. “We shot this set on the boat just as the sun was going down,” she says. “I just felt so glamorous. When I look at these pictures, I can’t believe that it’s me!” For sure, with such natural curves, you would love Cosmoboat to land on your beach. “My biggest sexual fantasy is to…

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Elisa Tes nude in Tuscan Tushy

Elisa Tes nude in Tuscan Tushy

Tall and blonde with green eyes, Elisa Tes is an italian model shooting for Playboy for the first time. “I started modeling when I was twenty,” she says. “I love my work. My dream is to be the first Italian to become an American Playmate.” When she’s not in front of the camera, Elisa spends her time with friends, and you’ll never, ever see her sitting still. Enjoy Elisa Tesnude body once she has…

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Natalia Starr Cybergirl and Exquisite

Natalia Starr Cybergirl and Exquisite

For her second Playboy pictorial, blonde pornstar Natalia Starrhas been graduated to Cybergirl. With her red and black tasseled lingerie, she looks like a harem beauty ready to tease her sultan. “I’m tall and thin, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice bubble butt,” she says summarily. “I’ve modeled for other brands, but I’m so excited to be a Playboy model. The way I see it, Playboy is very…

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Tunde Fekete nude in Fresh Water

Tunde Fekete nude in Fresh Water

Coming from Budapest, Tunde Feketeis an hungarian model used with glamour modeling for main adult sites. Here is a gallery built from her first pictorial shot for Playboy. “I have been modeling for seven years,” she says. “I grew up in a small town, which was very boring. Budapest is very romantic. There are a lot of big buildings, it’s very beautiful and I think we have a lot of history. You can…

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Emily Agnes boobs in Director’s Choice

Emily Agnes boobs in Director’s Choice

Waiting Miss August, Playboy has just published the last pictorial this year with Emily Agnes as Playmate of the Month July 2014. With her hair up, sexy glasses and black stockings on, Emily Agnes is a hot and sexy secretary. “I think that my pictorial, compared to others, could be considered artistic,” she says. “I’m able to hold some difficult poses, and I think that’s an art.” Enjoy our new Em…

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Anika Shay wet in Make It Rain

Anika Shay wet in Make It Rain

This is the kind of pictorial we would be pleased to see more often on Playboy! For her third Cybergirl of the Month July 2014 pictorial, Anika Shay is getting nude and wet under a rain shower. “This is the last set we shot in England,” says Anika. “I had a trenchcoat and umbrella, and we used a rain machine. Obviously, it was awesome – very wet and very, very sexy!” Both model and photographer,…

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Geena Mullins lingerie in Bum Around

Geena Mullins lingerie in Bum Around

How could you resist such a beautiful smile? British International model Geena Mullins is back with nothing but a pale green lingerie and her cheeky little smile. “We shot this set in the hallway, with green underwear and smoky makeup,” says Geena. “I had such a laugh on set! Joby is really easy to work with, and of course I’m very comfortable in front of the camera.” For sure, Geena Mullinsknows…

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Briana Ashley nude in First Pose

Briana Ashley nude in First Pose

Tall and all natural, with long dark hair and dark brown eyes, Briana Ashley is a beautiful ebony model and actress who were living in Alaska a few years ago. “It’s super cold up there,” she says, laughing. “I moved to Los Angeles two years ago, and I love it there. The weather is perfect, and everyone is so nice!” For her first Playboy nudes, Briana Ashleyis stripping her pink lace top and…

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